There is strength in numbers! Participation in membership allows the NGAND to make the case for a strong, well-equipped and well-trained North Dakota National Guard. Add your voice to thousands of others who understand the role of the National Guard in the nation’s security.

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Where does your hard earned money go after your annual membership is paid or upon purchase of a lifetime membership.

Question from a non-member: “What happens to my money when I pay my dues? Doesn’t it just go to fund the open bar at the state conference for a select few individuals?”

Answer: No!! Absolutely not! While the comradery that is built during social events conducted during association business is very important, your membership dues do not fund any ‘open bar’ activities. Membership is multi-faceted. There are options for a state annual membership, a national annual membership, a state life membership, and a national life membership. The distinct difference is between state and national membership dollars.

Here is a quick breakdown of what the money goes to: State – Money that is paid for a state membership is typically split four ways…

  1. Professional development. There are multiple opportunities annually that allow our officers to attend the national conference, NGAUS-specific events in Washington, DC, and our state conference.
  2. Increase our Membership. Directors assigned to North Dakota National Guard units can request funds to pay for membership drive events (ie chili cook offs, meat/cheese trays, etc). We send out letters to members to share with non-members about association activities and updates. We create promotional products to advertise the state conference and membership drives (posters and membership cards).
  3. State Conference. Cover expenses during the NGAND annual conference where we complete the annual business of our organization. Costs include hotel rooms, meals, banquet entertainment, awards for the Officers, Warrants, and Enlisted of the Year, conference booklets, etc.
  4. Charitable contributions. The association has donated money to the Veterans Home in Lisbon, the TAPS program, TAG’s operating costs, the Veteran’s Cemetery, and scholarships set up to benefit the dependents of National Guardsmen.

National – Money that is paid for a national membership is used to fund the activities of the NGAUS board in Washington, DC. The membership dues have helped to secure benefits that have been used by thousands of National Guardsmen! Post 9/11 GI Bill, double drill pay, equipment modernization…the list of accomplishments by the NGAUS staff are enormous! No one else is advocating as loudly for the men and women in National Guard!! When the NGAUS staff goes to bat for the National Guard, it is of great benefit to show that as many states as possible are at 100% national membership. This ensures that our collective voices are heard and actioned!